Completing the Gift of Life.


“I have been very pleased with Haydel Hospice’s response time, their Home Medical equipment, and the services I have received from my Pharmacy. I would recommend Haydel Hospice highly!"

Ray Marcello, son of Haydel Hospice patient

“The people at Haydel Hospice are amazing- I could not have asked for a better team to care for my loved one. She loved them all, and we did, too!”

Crystal DuBois, daughter of a Haydel Hospice patient

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone at Haydel Hospice who played a role in my husband’s care. They were truly GOD’s instruments in helping us through this rough period of our lives. Everyone on staff was so caring, and they took such wonderful care of my husband Eldon. Words can’t convey my gratitude. You can be sure that if any of my family or friends ever need hospice, I will send them to Haydel Hospice.”

Frances Martin, wife of a Haydel Hospice patient

“I am so thankful to everyone at Haydel Hospice for everything they did to keep my dad comfortable in his final days. The team is so friendly and loving, and they made the happiness of my father and family their top concern. I appreciate each one of them from the bottom of my heart, and I will recommend the warm and loving people of Haydel Hospice to anyone I know that is ever in need of hospice care for their loved one. Bless this team!”

Toni, daughter of Haydel Hospice patient

“Haydel Hospice has a special gift of meeting the variety of needs of the families they serve with the abundance of ministry practice that their staff so benevolently displays. God bless the Haydel Hospice team!”

Kendall Gilmer, daughter of a Haydel Hospice patient

"Everything about the care provided by Haydel Hospice was perfect- I could not imagine anyone being as wonderful or helpful as they were! I would recommend Haydel to anyone!"

Jeanne Dehart, loved one of a Haydel Hospice patient

“The care my mother received through Haydel Hospice was outstanding. Their treatment of my family and I was greatly appreciated.”

Marie Foret, daughter of Haydel Hospice patient

“We highly recommend Haydel Hospice- they were exactly what my father and our family needed. We are so thankful for their service!”

Louella Dardar and Louverda Terrebonne, daughters of a Haydel Hospice patient

“Hospice can be a difficult job to do, but Haydel Hospice does a wonderful job of making all of their patients comfortable, and the staff gave us great comfort in our time of need, as well. We are thankful with all of our hearts!”

Terry Findorff, loved one of a Haydel Hospice patient